Unmanned Systems has always been a vital part of Defense and Homeland Security. It has been Commanders choice to use UAVS for collecting vital Information and Intelligence in War Zone. UAVS are not only utilized in War but also plays a vital role during Peace times. Mirai-Tech's UAVS solutions works as a Force multiplier and enhance the decision making capability in Battle zone.

Soldier 3.0 - Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Advanced Percistance.

Our UAV Systems are must for Advancing to Soldier 3.0 from 2.0. 


Mirai-Tech Always beleives in saying :

"Never send a Human to do Machine Job"


MD-2000 is a Bagpackable Micro Fixed Wing UAV system capable of Hand Launch & Parachute Recovery. Best suited for Day Night ISR missions. 


MD-3000 is a Commander's choice to carry out Tacktical Missions across the Border. Its a Long Endurance Electric Bagpackable, Day Night capable UAV System.


Vajra is a Micro UAV system capable of carrying out Loitering munition's operation in addition to normal ISR UAV. 

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